Macadamia Nut brittle flavour pattern in graphic pink, yellow, blue abstract pattern Haagen Dazs Macademia Nut Brittle pint top view with lid off

Macadamia Nut Brittle Pint

Try a spoonful of paradise. Delight in our classic vanilla ice cream with a little added bite.

Salted Caramel Flavour pattern in graphic brown, tan, white layered swirls against a blue background Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel Minicup

Devour the hills of caramel ice cream laced with rivers of salted caramel sauce and craters of crunchy caramel pieces. A whole world of extraordinary in a mini cup.

beligian chocolate strawberry flavour pattern Duo belgian chocolate and  strawberry cruch lid

DUO Belgian Chocolate & Strawberry Crunch Pint

Two ice cream flavours, one ice cream tub. Belgian Chocolate & Strawberry Crunch ice cream - two of your favourite flavours, harmoniously brought together.

Haagen Dazs vanilla caramel almond stickbar with a bite taken out

Vanilla Caramel Almond Stickbar

We’ve raised the bar with this creation. Crack open the Belgian milk chocolate and almond coating to reveal sumptuous vanilla ice cream laced with thick caramel sauce.


Häagen-Dazs™ have been making ice cream like no other since 1960. Click here to watch the story so far.

Pieces of chocolate


Each scoop starts life as only four ingredients – cream, milk, sugar and eggs. To that, we only add amazing.